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Mombasa is a scenic and exotic Kenyan city that has tropical ambience, scenic attractions and mind-blowing activities. Also known as Kiswa cha mvita (Island of war in Swahili), Mombasa is Kenya’s oldest city and second largest city. It is rich with foundation tales dating back nearly 2000 years. Mombasa’s Arabic influence is evident in local clothing, food and architecture. Fort Jesus, the Gedi Ruins are must visit sites that reflect the works by the Portuguese.

One of the leading Icons of the spectacular Mombasa City. The symbol paints a gleam of tranquility and ambiance for a first time visitor

How to get there

Kenya Airways has daily flights between Nairobi and Mombasa

Estimated to be 500kms from Nairobi, it takes between five and six hours by road to reach Mombasa. One can choose to hire a car, take a cab or use the many available public transport, such as Coast Bus, Modern Coast Express, and Randa Coach. Few International airlines fly directly to Mombasa’s Moi International Airport, so International flyers should expect to land at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyata International Airport and take the short 45-minute flight to Mombasa. It takes 10-12 hours by rail which moves at a slow pace.

Moving Around

Commonly used canoes along the great Indian Ocean

Mombasa takes pride in its efficient public transport system and cheap, quick and convenient minibuses (matatus) that are available on every road. It is healthy to take a trip to the safaris; a one-day packaged visit to Tsavo East National park, 110km out of town. Wind-surfing, sailing, canoes are some of the water sports activities you can engage.

Scenic beaches

If you dream of visiting a beach destination where you can spend a few indulged nights in a stunning beach resort and spend your day lazing around the beach, you should visit Mombasa. The city is a hip spot for beach lovers and it boasts some of the beautiful and best beaches in the world such as Diani Beach. Mombasa has a beautiful white sandy beaches, surrounded by palm groves and lush tropical plants. Wherever you go in Mombasa, you are never far away from a beach.
Accommodation: Please click links to find details of listed Hotels

At the seaside luxury, Hotels on the north coast include, Serena Beach resort

Get spectacular accommodation at Serova White Sand Beach Mombasa

Serova White Sands Beach Resort (tel: +254 202 767 000),

A section of a pool side at Diani Reef Resort hotel Mombasa

Diani Reef Grand Hotel (tel: +254 040 320 2723/3308 ),

Castle Royal Hotel (tel; +254 412 228 7801) are good if you need to be in the heart of Mombasa.


Food in Mombasa’s independent restaurants is outstanding. You will wish you could find the same back home. Most local eateries offer a variety of Indian and Swahili foods at cheap prices;

Sing Restaurant. This is a legendary restaurant on the island located right next to the Sikh temple. If you want a simple curry, this is the place. You will not get the typical buttery creamy curries, rather less rich homemade authentic curries with hot fresh chapattis. It has been there since the 50’s and is an institution in its own right. Just

Drinks. This place is located at the Mkomani creek, near to the Tamarind restaurant and has beautiful views of the Creek. The sundowners are to die for. The quality is outstanding so it can be a bit pricey, but well worth it. The location is amazing, the food outstanding and the service is simply brilliant. They make amazing cocktails. The food is fusion European with Asian and Kenyan hints.

Galaxy Chinese Restaurant in the Central Business District of Mombasa City

Galaxy Restaurant. This is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Mombasa. Located on the island, It is based on Hainanese recipes. You must try the fish in garlic sauce, sticky ribs, fried rice, and black pepper crab. Brilliant. Hunter’s Steak House. A traditional European steakhouse, serving aged Kenyan beef in a cozy little garden. Best Steaks in Mombasa without a doubt. Excellent oysters too. This place is Located in Mkomani, 15 minutes cab ride from North Coast.

Relaxed and Calm Atmosphere

The perfect place to make an escape away from never ending career challenges, business meetings, family affairs and house chores is Mombasa. Get pampered with good food, beautiful attractions, services and enjoy superb views of places that are filled with peace and tranquillity. There are lovely places such as ‘Diani’ or ‘Tiwi’ where you can stay and enjoy the relaxed and calm atmosphere and equally get engrossed with their beautiful surroundings.
A Night Out

Mombasa’s nightclubs and bars are located along the coastline at all three beaches (Malinda, Nyali and Diani) These nightclubs are open until the wee hours of the morning and offer dancers and beats, local music and nyama choma.

English and Swahili are the official languages and are widely spoken in Mombasa.

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