June 12, 2024

Kidepo Valley National park

With the Rocky landscape, and green hilly vegetation that fills the park dramatic untamed, wildlife reserve surrounded by impressive sky views make Kidepo one Uganda’s best wildlife park to explore for those interested in seeing the big five and other park habitats. The karamajong culture is an added advantage to whoever visits the park and it’s something you shouldn’t miss on your visit to Uganda. The water spring attracts various wildlife when it gets hot giving tourist a chance to spot even those they had missed out during the morning and evening game drives. Of the many national parks scattered in different parts of Uganda, Kidepo Valley is simply the best when it comes to amazing Uganda wildlife experience. The more you see wildlife and other park habitats is the more you will come to appreciate these parks’ magic and the more you will want to discover and even extent your stay if not a tight travel program.

When on a game drive you have the feeling that you are all alone here and alone you are in the most remote park in Uganda the whole of East Africa.

Kidepo Valley Park is a rugged, beautiful park that is like the Africa that you imagined it to be, but only better.  A park not be missed.  It is on many people’s bucket list and yet it receives less than 10 visitors per day! CNN named it the Number 3 Wildlife Park in all of Africa.

Nyungwe National Park

Volcanoes National Park

Get to experience hiking, climbing, and nature walks, caving in and around the Volcanoes National park of Rwanda. Volcanoes National park has got a lot to offer beyond the popular mountain gorilla treks that bring most tourists to Rwanda. You can get lots of possibilities here for the outdoor lovers; you will get to find this close to heaven as you get to climb some of Volcanoes found here. You can get to spend a week in and around Volcanoes National park in Rwanda since it’s a place for you to explore and discover.

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