May 24, 2024

Uganda is no doubt gifted with nature when you compare the tourist attractions which call this country home. When you list wonders in Uganda, ranging from wildlife, primate, forests, mountains, Rivers, lakes, vegetation and many more, this makes Uganda unique from other countries. It is among the most visited countries in East Africa and visitors leave the country content and promise to come back one day.

Among the attractions found in Uganda, the country is known to be home to the big primates, i.e. the Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees. All types of visitors come to Uganda to see the magnificent creatures. Visitors on all-inclusive safaris, visitors on self-drive, visitors who book car and driver, those on camping safaris and many more can visit primates in Uganda.

Clients opting for self drive in Uganda can book permits through their rental companies and enjoy the tracking primates of Uganda. Most of visitor Itineraries in Uganda it’s rare for primates tracking to miss on the list. Car rental clients who are long rental covering East African countries, primate tracking is always on the must do activities.

Places where to track primates in Uganda.

Bwindi National Park: It is known to be home to almost half of the remaining mountain gorillas in the world. Mountain gorillas can be found only in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo, these countries share the Virunga massif. Bwindi national park is different from Virunga massif, it is separate and that’s why Uganda has two Gorilla parks. Visitors on car rental basis can choose where they prefer to track gorillas whether Bwindi or Mgahinga.

Mgahinga National Park: This is part of Virunga massif shared by 3 countries, Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. The park is known to be home to one gorilla family called Nyakagezi. The topography of land for this park is the same as for Volcano National Park of Rwanda and they are on the same Virunga great forest. Car rental clients from Rwanda, normally find Mgahinga as the nearest park to track gorillas.

Kibale National Park: This is a home to Chimpanzees one of the main attractions in Uganda. These are close relatives of humans, sharing 98% of DNA, being near these close relatives of humans, is magical and emotional. Chimpanzees are followed on foot, and though they are habituated, they are very active, therefore visitors are advised to follow them as they do their daily activities.

Budongo Forest: Self-drive clients, find it easy to also track chimpanzees in Budongo forest. This is near Murchison falls National Park. So, it is easier to combine the two destinations, Budongo has trails and guides who organize the activity properly. Other attractions in the forest include, birds, different trees, butterflies and many more.

Kalinzu Forest: Kalinzu forest is found in western Uganda, Chimpanzees are present here and different activities including chimpanzees tracking are organized. The forest has different nature walks where other attractions like birds, butterflies can be seen. Visitor can hire cars and visit Kalinzu forest. Or there is also an option of tracking twice in Kibale and kalinzu.

Kyambura Gorge: This is found in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Chimpanzees can be seen on nature walks into the gorge. They are unique to be seen in their natural environment. The gorge itself is magical and full of wonders. Visitors who has Queen Elizabeth on their itinerary find it easy to visit this gorge.

Ngamba Island: This is found in Lake Victoria and accessed by boat. It is a home to orphaned chimpanzees picked from different places in danger. Due to the number of Chimpanzees on the site, the Island is small to provide enough natural food to the primates, therefore, the chimps are supplemented with fruits and vegetables in two feeding sessions daily. Visitors can view the primates when being fed. Car rental visitors can leave the car at their hotel in Entebbe, or park at the safe place and access a boat to the Island. There is also accommodation facilities for those who prefer to spend a night there.

How to Book primates permits in Uganda.

Car rental clients can book primates, Gorilla and chimpanzees permits through their car rental companies fully registered. Uganda wildlife Authority accepts only fully registered companies to purchase permits for their clients i.e. for Bwindi, Mgahinga, Kibale and Kyambura gorge.

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