June 12, 2024

Renting a car has become a common part of travel experience you would think of. However it’s never an easy task to opt for. Do I need to buy for additional fuel? Pay for insurance, what about refueling the car. I hear horror stories about phony damages; no one is around to inspect the car. Okay can I drive in a foreign country, do they offer me a chauffeur. All these questions come into the minds of travelers intending to rent cars in Uganda. Among your options there are some things you need to avoid;

Prepaying for gasoline

Prepaid gasoline charges appeal to our desire for the Simplicity of travelling and concerns being late to the airport. Rental cars have come with options of refueling their cars unless you are completely sure that you will return the empty car, you can refuel it at your own expense making it more costly to the rental charges

Avoid returning the vehicle at the delayed time

Most companies in Uganda have ignored the extra hours they give before expiration of the agreed period, terms and conditions in line with the programmed tour. Companies like Auto rental Uganda, Car Rental Uganda, Rent  a Car Uganda have designed fares for the extra hours you spend with their fleet. Always read the terms and conditions of your chosen car rental on the return date. In most cases a penalty will be charged on top of your fully paid charges for hiring the car. Changed programs may cause this, un expected mechanical problem which should be communicated to the rental agency. Serious observation of the terms and conditions must be taken note of.

Avoid paying for extra costs

Make sure you check the auto agency’s insurance policy whether it covers you when you rent the car. The biggest extra costs are collision of the car you hired .So avoid to pay for extra costs in case the car got  head collision with another car yet it’s the company’s insurance policy Make sure that you follow your itinerary in order to avoid unnecessary costs on your trip to Uganda. Doing all these will help you to save some of your money and have beautiful luxurious trip that you will live long to talk.

Avoid taking the car before thoroughly inspection.

Examine the car of your choice both the exterior  and interior view still at the rental desk to avoid paying the damage that was already  in existence  Rental cars always advise their clients to full inspect the car they hire in case of any mechanical happened to them while on their trip. Things like the hand brake, wipers, horn, tyres, head lights, indicators, battery, check belts, brake fluids, hydraulic, oil level and the radiators

Avoid returning the vehicle when its fuel tank is empty.

Always   take clear observation of the nearby fuel stations as you are set for trip. Since most roads in Uganda are unsurfaced especially heading to the game reserves, make sure that you carry with you an extra fuel container like a jerry can in case  you got up with fuel shortages. Lastly terms and conditions should be taken in mind regarding to   your contract. Smoking in a non-smoking car, driving while drunk which violates Ugandan traffic rules. The car hired should be taken as if it is yours, keeping it clean, parking in safe areas and never allow un authorized person to  operate your car keeping in mind to lock the car properly when you moved out of it

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