June 12, 2024

Are you looking for the most comfortable and excellent car to rent for safari travel or business in Uganda? For the excellent and comfortable car rentals in Uganda, the perfect way to save money is for you compare the costs of vehicles online and not only the rates displayed on the websites since costs can changed at any time based on the economic conditions and the personal needs. There are some of the things you have to know prior renting a car in Uganda. Ranging from the size of the car, the number of people you are going to travel with, costs, special discounts, company status to a required driver documents and extra rates included.

The size and the kind of the car matters

Many car hiring agencies in Uganda offer different charges depending on the size of the car someone requires to rent. The size of the vehicle is determined by the number of people it can carry, seating capacity and car model type. Select a car based on the number of people you are most likely to travel with, big cars especially the minibuses and minivans can carry from 15 to 50 people while the small vehicles such as the sedans can accommodate a maximum of five passengers and they all offer varied costs.

Valid driving permit or license

This is another useful factor for you to put mind while planning to rent a vehicle in Uganda. All car hire agencies in the country prior offering you their vehicle, the first thing they will require is your valid driving permit and they remain with a photocopy of your permit and passport photo and it is also advisable that you obey the traffic laws and be patient while driving on road.

Special discounts

Prior hiring a car in Uganda, you should consider discount offers, most agencies in the country provide special discount to clients in varied days, seasons and the depending on the size of the group. We provide special discounts to visitors provided that you book a car for many days say five and more. This also includes group travelers say two or more vehicles at the same time. For visitors who are interested in weekend getaway, they can request for their discounts in weekend vehicles on hire.

The number of people and size of luggage to be carried along

This also impacts on the cost of vehicle to be hired in that if you are traveling personally or as a couple, you simply require four door passenger car like the Toyota Rav4, Premio or any other economical vehicle to save money on the cost of fuel and even those small cars are provided at low cost. In case you are traveling in a group say a family and carrying huge luggage, you will require a big car especially minibus that can carry many people and luggage even at times you require an additional car to carry your property.

Destination where you need to visit

This also features among important factors to be considered before renting a car in Uganda for instance you are drive just around the city centre its better you get a simple vehicle like Rav4 but when you are going to travel in the rural areas to discover Uganda’s magnificent national parks, it is advisable that you rent a four by four safari vehicle since most road networks are in poor state and this can easily make you get stuck especially when you use a small car.

Car hire company status

Prior planning to rent a vehicle from a given car hire company, first carry out adequate research on which company you desire to work with as you may encounter several companies online and some of them may not be genuine. Prior putting any commitment fee to any agency first make sure that the company is dully registered, reliable and they offer pocket friendly prices.

Ask about the hidden charges

Prior deciding which car to rent from any company, first inquire more about the cost and hidden charges to avoid disappointments at last time. You need to discuss more on the fuel charges if it is included on the cost most car companies provide rates without fuel and driver so it is better to talk about it prior hiring a vehicle. As well, many agencies charge additional income if you return the car beyond the agreed time. Other charges may apply to GPS device, camping bags, travel map and many more.

Go through customer testimonies online

While hiring a car for a safari, you will encounter several options especially as you surf via the internet which may lead to more confusion while selecting the company to hire the car. To make the best option, you will require to go through car hire service testimonies from the past clients and you can easily find these on the website, Google reviews, social media like face book or check on the trip advisor. This will guide as different clients give their views depending on their previous experiences especially concerning car hire, drivers or full road trip experience and this can help you get out of doubts and worries on whom to book the vehicle with.

In conclusion, there are many factors for you to consider prior hiring a car for a safari in Uganda. The above factors offer you guidance on what to do or not to do to find that comfortable car that fits within your budget and desires. Other factors include safety precautions and reservation responsiveness. For more information, contact us and we shall be there to help you.

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