July 25, 2024

The prices for Uganda car rental vary from one car hire company to another. This is one reason why it is often challenging to determine the price of cars for hire. Be on a safer side, make sure that you book the right rental car for your Uganda safari road trips at the right rate and you can save a lot more.

Deal with a reliable, trusted and dependable car hire company when you need any assistance. Before you set off for your trip, here are some key factors that influence car hire prices in Uganda. These factors have an impact on the rates of rental cars in Uganda no matter the season.

Age of a car to be hired

The rental car age is one significant factor that most car hire companies use to determine how much they can rent out the car. Normally, the companies look at the year the rental car was manufactured to come up rental price. The newer the rental car, the higher the rate is like to be and the older the rental car, the lower the rates can be.

When hiring a car in Uganda for your Uganda safaris, self-drive tour or driver guided trips, you realize that rental cars of 2000-2010 are available for renting at the lowest rate compared to new models of between 2012 to 2020. The new models are charged highly considering their durability and mileage.

The car type/category

Each rental car category/type has its price tag. On Uganda tour, your travel interests, terrains etc are essential factors to put into consideration when selecting the rental car category. The most hired car types in Uganda include Minivans, 4×4 Land Cruisers, Coaster buses, Toyota Rav4, Small SUVs, Super Custom etc. When choosing the rental car category, find one that comfortably accommodates you and all your cargo.

The engine of the rental car

The rental car engine is an important element that shouldn’t be left out while on Uganda holiday tour. Engine car determine the kind of fuel to use and some keenness must be observed. Choose a rental whose engine is efficient in fuel usage. Preferably, rent a car in Uganda with diesel engines as they have been tested and proven as the best when it comes to fuel consumption compared to rental cars with patrol engines.



Some brands generally stand out from the many and it explains why their rates are usually higher than the rest. If you happen to hire a UK, US and German rental car bran, you will notice that the rates are higher than the Japan made vehicles. This is considering their stylishness, durability, use and mileage. The majority of car hire agencies or companies in Uganda prefer Toyota rental cars for Uganda safaris, business tours, research brands or if you plan to explore up country. The available brands worth renting for weddings, VIP travel include Range Rover, Mercedes Benz etc.

When to book

The time you plan to travel for your Uganda safari also play a significant role in determining the rental car prices. The rates for renting cars in Uganda are greatly influenced during the drier months/peak months of the year; June, July, August, September/December, January, February. The demand for car hire is high during these 2 phases of dry season. Please, have your rental car booked early before you land at Entebbe Airport (EBB) to kick start your Uganda safari.

Rental options

If you are looking at the most affordable and flexible option to get to explore Uganda then a self-drive tour serves best. Driver guided safari is the best if it is your first time to be in Uganda for a holiday but you will incur the driver charges/cost.

Reservation method

How you pay for your rental car in Uganda matters a lot. It is one factor that impacts on the rental car prices. If you pay online, via bank transfer or in-person, expect both advantages and disadvantages that come with them. The most used method is online payment-it is convenient and quicker.

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