June 12, 2024
Rooftop Tent Hire in Uganda

Rooftop tent cars are scoring great slot in the traveling market today than never before. The evidence of many traveler reporting to rent car with rooftop tent indicates a dimension to experience nature. Well, sundry car rental dealers have taken the task to avail such request to enable travelers/ tourist achieve their traveling fantasy. Instead of taking a fully guide trips, or a assemble a number of camping gears or even face the more comfortable luxurious lodges at various tourist destinations, numerous nomads are preferring to experience a night in the outdoor skies.

Regardless of the reason why travelers are opting for Uganda car hire with a rooftop tent, one opting for such experience indeed needs a great commission of having a durable 4×4 car with a rooftop tent that can sustain the dream to come true. Get the bet tents and experience the kind of comfort, never experienced before.

Rooftop camping is only designed for adventurous travelers who are always yarn to have a unique taste of adventure. This kind of adventure experience makes life as easy as the rooftop tent camping is the easiest to set surprisingly, with their durable setting makes them faultless for the wild.

Why rent a car with a rooftop tent?

There various benefits accompanied with renting a car with a rooftop tent,


Try out a new venture, rooftop tent has leaved for years, but its popularity especially in Africa has surfaced in short decades past. And this really is among the new ventures of experiencing African wildness. Rooftop tent are designed in a unique way to experience the outdoor for all weather conditions, they handle bad weather compared to their counter parts the ground tents.

Easy to set up

Another reason for the famed rooftop tent is that they are very easy to set. This make them more flexible as the vehicle can be parked a side and in minutes the tent is set for the night. No connecting of battles of poles but only have to stretch the tent on the vehicle’s top and have your night arranged.

More comfort

Taking an outdoor night on the top of your vehicle is more exciting but as well more comfortable than using the ground tents. The inbuilt mattress for the rooftop tent are more comfy than the sleeping bags for the ground tent camping, the rooftop tent have a ground board that secure a comfort of knobby stones or sagging grounds.

Less costing

Taking a car with a rooftop tent attracts limited costs, this is a dual score slot which cover both transport and accommodation at ago. After renting a car at any among an additional of between US$10 to 20 is a great difference than having a vehicle and as well start such to more rated accommodations which are spread across a number of tourist destination.

How to use the Rooftop tent

On reaching your desired destination, don’t have to battle with poles, hammers and many other considerations. Rather have to secure a flat level place to park your vehicle then you fold out or pop up with the easiest way and then got to have a faultless night. When it’s a hard shell rooftop tent, have simply unlatch the latches for the tent to pope up into place. And the soft shell, it’s a foldout, pull off the travel cover and pull the ladders to unfold the tent, then have to make ladder adjustment until they reach the ground.

Which are the best car with a rooftop tent?

There are quite a number of vehicles that are fitting for rooftop tent, but these vehicle must be customized for the rooftop tent camping. When in Uganda and East Africa, the most common rooftop tent fleets include the common safari 4×4 Land Cruiser TX, TZ, V8, VX and GX, the Land Rover Defender and Nissan Patrol. As well the African ramble Land Cruiser 70 series.

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