May 24, 2024

The Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt has exposed a detailed report which shows how the Rwandan government, Military Senior Officers in collaboration with its Embassy in Sweden planned to assassinate Rwandan refugees living in Sweden.

For all along the Swedish intelligence services have been very closely monitoring the activities of some Rwandans who claim to be refugees when in fact are used by the Kagame regime as spy agents to track genuine refugees in Sweden. It was in this regard that the Swedish government apprehended one of the Kagame spies and brought him to justice as a precautionary measure of eradicating the culture of impunity which would have resulted in loss of life by the genuine refugees living in Sweden and beyond had it not been checked.

One of the Kagame spies that were apprehended is a Rwandan who calls himself Emanuel Habiyambere 44 Rwandan who posed as a Burundian but his actual names are Aimable Rubagenga and lives in one of the Swedish town called Orebro.

Apart from factual and overwhelming evidence that was revealed by the Swedish intelligence services against Rubagenga who has been repeatedly used by the Kagame’s intelligence against Rwandan refugees , the Swedish Foreign affairs Ministry also revealed how the Kagame spy network and his own military Generals have been for long clandestinely spying on the Rwandan refugees living in Sweden since 2010. This report has also exposed how the Rwandan Embassy in Stockholm had an upper hand in all these murderous plots against Rwandan Refugees living in Sweden.

The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs also revealed notorious diplomatic incidences of the Rwandan Embassy in Sweden, instead of doing its diplomatic mandate has been engaged in subversive and ruthless activities of spying on Rwandans day and night living in Sweden in collaboration with Kagame intelligence services in Kigali .
Indeed, the above clandestine activities were revealed by the Prosecution in Orebro Court in which Aimable Rubagenga was accused for having worked for the Kagame Intelligence and high ranking military officials of Rwanda’s security services to spy on Rwandans living in Sweden and this started in 2010 in secrecy of the highest order as instructed by the Kagame regime to build a spy network and register all the Rwandans living in Sweden.

Since then, the accused started spying on all the Kigali dissents, journalists, authors . The Swedish Foreign affairs ministry submitted a detailed report with tangible facts showing how the Rwandan Government in connivance with it’s embassy in Sweden used the cover of Diaspora to gather information on Kigali dissents that obviously hold divergent political views against Rwandan Government , their address, telephone numbers and profile.

In another related incidence , the Swedish Prosecution among the overwhelming evidence against one of Kagame’s spy agent , include text messages (sms) which shows how he used secretive words commonly known as “code”. These messages were conducted between him and some senior officials Rwanda Defence Forces, to make matters worse, he was also routine communication with President Kagame’s killing squad commonly known as the Notorious Directorate of Rwanda’s Military Intelligence.. The Swedish prosecution shows how Amaible Rubagenga exchanged sms with Kagame Intelligence Chiefs which details as follows . One of the “Codes” found in the telephone handset of the accused reads: “The Bananas have it’s own out Looking which is not all that clear ; someone will take you to a person who eats a lot of Bananas” The second code, reads it seems the accused was under strict instructions, go to that place , meet that man who likes Bananas a lot, stick to bananas”. The third “code” also concerns Bananas and reads: Tomorrow I will go to look for the Market of Bananas, but the cooking oil is not enough”. The spy agent Aimable Rutagenga received the Fourth “code” informing him that they will call and send him the cooking oil”

In all these conversations between Aimable Rubagenga and Kagame killing squad, it clearly indicated that the conversation was about different people who were being targeted by the Kigali regime and those are President Kagame’s critics living in Sweden. In those “Codes” Rubagenga was buying “bananas” outside the country, the defence counsel for Aimable, Magnus Arntell, when he asked for a comment on these tangible facts which showed that his client at the same time spying on a country that gave him refugee status and hunting innocent Rwandan Refugees who fled to Sweden , he answered “he denies the accusations against him, but I have not had enough time to read through and analyse properly the accusations against him, and for that reason I don’t have much to say on those allegations”

If Aimable Rubagenga is found guilty , he will be sentenced to 4 years imprisonment, while the prosecution also asks the court to deport the accused to his native country immediately.
In addition to the accusations of the prosecution against Aimable Rubagenga, the report of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs clearly shows how the Rwandan Intelligence and other senior military officials started clandestine spying on the Rwandan refugees living in Sweden since 2010. The report further reveals how Kigali Intelligence and Senior Military Officials used all sorts of tactics with intentions to assassinate those perceived to be President Kagame’s Critics in Sweden in order to accomplish their mission.

As indicated in the report, facts reveal that all these senior Intelligence and Military Officials were not spying on Rwandan Refugees living in Sweden with intentions murdering them on their own, but instead available facts clearly shows that these senior military and intelligence officials were acting on orders of President Kagame and his staunch gods from the ruling pary RPF . This report further reveals how the Government of President Kagame has been for the past years thoroughly and ruthlessly investigating on Refugees who have Rwandan original disguising under the cover of Diaspora and those refugees targeted by this ruthless and murderous regime some are Citizens of Uganda , DR Congo and Burundi.

Even though the Rwandan Ambassador in Sweden Venetia Sebudandi dramatically denied these allegations and pretended as she knew nothing that both the Rwandan Embassy and it’s intelligence services have been for couple of years hunting down Rwandan refugees living in Swede but the Swedish police intelligence has got tangible evidence pinning the Kagame regime on how his Intelligence services has been for a couple of years spying on it’s citizens in a well and planned manner all over the world. The Swedish police has evidence of how president Kagame’s killing squad have been for past year trying to assassinate refugees in Sweden ,reasons as why it’s senior diplomat Evode Mudaheranwa was expelled from Sweden . It also have evidence how president Kagame’s killing squad has been for past years freely operating in Africa where it has managed to assassinate a lot of Rwandans and hunted others .

The Kagame intelligence agent, Rubagenga Aimable, spent almost 2 months in prison before he was provisionally released on conditions of travel ban and reporting to Swedish judicial .The prosecutor Ronnie Jacobsson, who works with the Swedish Public Prosecution under the Swedish intelligence services , said that the spying activities of the Rwandan government in Sweden is taken a serious crime which has affected many Rwandans in many ways.

Ronnie Jacobsson concluded his remarks by summarily saying that “The Rwandan Intelligence and security Services have showed that it has capacity to assassinate Rwandan Refugees in Sweden due to it’s Kigali strength and courage it inserted in trying to murder President Kagame’s critics”

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