July 25, 2024

“The strategy will include three areas: media, diplomatic, and political. Those in North America are particularly targeted, since that is where physical elimination approaches present more risk to the Rwandan government, “ sources within the Rwandan Defense Forces who participated in the Rwandan national security meeting led by General Paul Kagame late last week, told AfroAmerica Network.

A Wide Strategic Campaign Against Effective Opposition Leaders.

General Paul Kagame convened the meeting of Rwandan nation security advisers after a long tour across the United States of America. During the tour, he met several of his closest Rwandan advisers living in the USA and in Canada, and the expatriates who serve on his Presidential council.

“We have a major issue in North America. Our position is seriously undermined by opposition members who publish nonsense in newspapers, magazines,  and on social media. We have to stop them. The question before you is: how do we do it? what does it take to get there?,” General Paul Kagame told the advisers. “We have spent millions of dollars in North America alone, funding NGOs, medias, and salaries to our operatives. It is not working and I want you to tell me how we can design a comprehensive campaign to squash all opposed to the progress we have made.

The security advisers, including top military and intelligence officers, examined a wide strategy against the opposition proposed by General Kagame, with a targeted media campaign against opposition leaders in North America.

A Media Campaign Founded on Character Assassination.

According to our sources, the campaign that was proposed and approved by General Kagame will include  the following:

.*Have newspapers and social media publish stories alleging that some leaders in the opposition have been on the payroll of the Rwandan security services, and have been receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Rwandan government, to infiltrate the opposition or to make sure the opposition remains divided;

.*Pay some leaders, who would then declare that they know who among the other opposition leaders are working for the Rwandan government;

.*Pay some members of political parties to denounce their leaders.

According to the sources, the campaign will start by the end of  May 2014. The political leaders targeted are mostly those so far having or suspected of having access to media and political or diplomatic institutions in North America, especially in the United Sates of America.

Although, our sources have provided specific names of political leaders and newspapers have been cited during the meeting, AfroAmerica is still double checking with other sources, before publishing the names.

The Rwandan government has been accused  of  targeting opposition leaders, including with assassinations. Security services and the police in various countries in the West have warned opposition leaders  about possible assassination plots by Rwandan intelligence operatives and, on several occasions, have provided enhanced security (see articles by New York Times: British Police Warn Rwandan Dissidents of Threat  and AfroAmerica Network’s article

Rwandan-Norwegian Major Munyaruguru Under Constant Norwegian Police Protection after Failed Assassination Attempts, Dagbladet Reports 

The Rwandan government, through its operatives, has also complained on several occasions, of the activity of Rwandan opposition leaders. At some point, the government launched a tender to hire diplomatic and media experts to counter the influence of RUD-Urunana political leaders in North America (see our articles: Rwanda: Under International Pressure, General Kagame Increases Budget for External Intelligence and Rwandan Security Operatives Target Opposition and Critics in Diaspora)

The meeting was conducted and it ended as usual: President Kagame came up a problem, asked the questions, provided the answer, presented the plan, and we all agreed,” the sources told AfroAmerica Network.

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