May 24, 2024

Lt. Joel Mutabazi who worked as President Kagame’s body for 20 years was kidnapped between the hours of 16:00-17:00 hours Uganda time today the 20th/08/13. The witness, who managed to observe what happened, stated that a group of five men entered Lt Muabazi’s house, among them were two Ugandan police officers who normally guard the residence in which Lt Mutabazi and his family reside whom the UNHCR rents for those at risk of being attacked. These police officers came with three other men of Rwandan origin, but the witness only recognised one as Rene Rutagungira who served in the Rwandan army until he moved to Ugandan pretending to be a refugee but working under-cover for the Government of Rwanda.

The witness explained that Rene Rutagungira was holding a hand gun; however, Lt Mutabazi who hid behind the door applied his commando skills and managed to restrain two of them by holding them forward so they could not shoot him. In the end one of the intruders sprayed a substance which weakened Mutabazi. Immediately they took him leaving his wife behind with the children. It was reported that Rene Rutangungira was among the killers who shot the editor of Inyenyerinews in 2011; however the Ugandan police ignored all evidences which were handed to them by his friends and colleagues.

Lt Mutabazi aka Tobulende sought asylum in Uganda after false imprisonment and torture and has been living in Uganda for the last few years after escaping prison. Lt Mutabazi’s kidnapping follows Pte Innocent Kalisa who was kidnapped and is presumed dead as well as Aime Ntabana who was also kidnapped in May this year.

It is reported that there’s no doubt that these kidnappings are done by the Rwandan intelligence network as reported by our investigators in Kampala, Uganda. Ten days ago a meeting was held in the Rwandan High Commission in Uganda where present at this meeting was Col Dan Munyuza, deputy police commissioner, Lt Col Franko Rutagengwa the head of the Rwandan Directorate of Military intelligence with Maj Gen Frank Mugambage the Rwandan ambassador to Uganda, Lt Col James Burabyo responsible for Rwanda security desk in the embassy of Rwanda, John Ngarambe attached to Rwanda high commissioner in Uganda. Also attended was Lt Col Buryo of the Ugandan military intelligence who was bribed by Rwanda to help them arrest all of the Rwandan refugees in Uganda, who hold any sensitive information or collaborates with opposition parties/organisation abroad.

Lt Mutabazi escaped unhurt during an attack last year after the killers shot many bullets while in his house, Lt. Mutabazi and his family had to be moved from where they were living in Kasangati, According to police sources, he was moved to unknown location in a metallic container where he stayed with his family, until the UNHCR arranged a safe place with police protection, who are now part of his kidnapping.

Lt Mutabazi remains missing but we will continue to investigate, until we find out his whereabouts.

President Paul Kagame and his killing machines have made the whole region unstable. Kagame’s audacity was already shown by his assassination attempt against General Kayumba, former Rwanda army chief of staff, in South Africa during Soccer World Cup in 2010.

Therefore, we call upon the UNHCR, Amnesty international, Human rights Watch and the Ugandan government to follow up with the case of Lt Mutabazi and other Rwandans who are missing in Uganda. We urge the Ugandan Police to avoid the tragedy that took away our beloved editor Charles Ingabire. No harm should come to another Rwandan who is seeking refuge in Uganda. We call upon the Ugandan government to investigate the involvement of their police officials and army who are working alongside Rwandan killing machines in Uganda.

The main question that now remains unanswered is how more than five people under the protection of the Geneva Convention have all been killed or kidnapped; especially after calls from Amnesty International and Human rights officials had indicated their concerns about the insecurity surrounding Rwandan refugees in Uganda.

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