June 12, 2024

You can just imagine visiting the Volcanoes National park for mountain gorilla trekking, get to meet people, enjoy a visit to the rain forests so as to view the chimpanzees and golden monkeys, having stopovers to see the Intore dancers and drummers, listening to the birds singing in the forests and lake shores. There are cultural village visits and the genocide museum in a peaceful country in a perfect road system and the modern farms. There are many reasons why you need to spare some time and visit Rwanda, and some of them are described below.

Volcanoes National park is mainly for gorilla trekking and this is the star attraction so a visit to this national park will help you get expose you to the gentle giants of Rwanda, there are many gorilla families in Rwanda for you to enjoy. The permit costs $1500 per person. Apart from the mountain gorillas in Rwanda, you can meet over70 mammal species including; the elephants, buffaloes, bush back, giant hogs, and many more. The tour to Dian Fossey’s grave is worthwhile hike. There is golden Monkey trekking that can be done in the park and these are trekked at only $100 per person.

Nyungwe forest National Park is the primate capital of Rwanda and is where you can track the chimpanzees and get enjoy the canopy walk, this is the only trail of suck kind that you will find in East Africa. You will view the troops of Colobus monkeys, which is the highest number in the world. The park was named among top 10 trips for 2017 by national Geographic travellers. You will view over 275 species of birds including the clown headed Renzori Turaco. The mammals total to 75, 120 butterflies, 100 orchid. You can enjoy Lake Kivu for a boat ride, or the visit to the fishing villages and a coffee plantation tour to Gisenyi.

Akagera National park is good for game viewing at Akagera National park; the park is home to over 800 animals and 500 bird species. The animal list includes cape Eland, elephants, bush bucks, zebras, giraffes, spotted hyenas, leopards, lions. The park has got 525 bird species in the park which makes it a birding paradise.

Kigali city of Rwanda is located at Rwanda’s geographical heart and it’s the capital city, but the country’s most vital business centre and main port of entry. This city was started in 1907 under the German rule as a small colonial post with small links to the outside world. The city has got many tourist attractions that can be enjoyed by the tourists including; the Genocide memorial site, the national museum of Rwanda, many markets to enjoy shopping, enjoy bird watching as well as enjoy many dishes of food prepared in the country.

On your visit to Rwanda, you can engage in the Virunga volcanoes Hike; you will enjoy active hike to the top of these volcanoes and explore the beauty and scenery of the place. This hike is carried out from Volcanoes National park and you get chance to visit the ancient and magical forests, caves, crater lakes and many more. The hikes can take 1 to 2 days depending on what you enjoy most.

The other activities to be enjoyed in Rwanda include; bird watching, a visit to Musanze caves, visit to the falls, golden monkey tracking, and boat cruises as well as many cultural tours.

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