April 16, 2024

The most exciting adventure anyone can ever take is a safari in Uganda. Whether is a self-drive or chauffeur driven road trip, either way almost all travelers get it right. With so much to see and do, Uganda purely furnishes some of the best safari memories.

Travel like a local in Uganda on a self or driver guided tour in the pearl of Africa, having new sightings and experiences never had before. Renting a vehicle for a Uganda safari is more practical and wiser when going for a long trip. But choose a wrong vehicle, and turn your safari in Uganda into a memorable one for all the wrong reasons.

Renting an appropriate car for long distance safaris in Uganda is one of the biggest obstacles one will have to come over while putting travel plans in place. Finding a vehicle that won’t guzzle a lot of fuel and still comfortable enough for long hours of driving is not just a walk over. However. The listed cars below are the best options to consider for long trips in Uganda. Even when you opt for a long term car hire in Uganda, these vehicles are worthy renting.

Toyota Safari Vans – Super custom/ Hiace van/ Mini bus

These are the most suitable cars for family vacations or large group trips. They carry up to 14 people with enough space for luggage, depending on the number of passengers and the days to spend on a safari because the more days and larger the group, the more luggage.

Some Super customs have a pop-up roof. And these cars are available both in manual and automatic transmission. For any group safari heading to distant destinations in Uganda, these vehicles can never fail anyone.

Toyota Prado

This is one popular 4×4 car mostly used on safaris in Uganda. Whether a self-drive or a chauffeur driven safari, this vehicle would be appropriate especially for long distance trips. The Toyota Prado category includes different kinds of vehicles like the Prado TX, TZ, GX and the 3 litre Turbo, which are all so perfect for long trips in Uganda

The Toyota prado is spacious enough to allow enough luggage and camping gear to fit in properly. This is one vehicle that can even sustain on poor road conditions that travelers are likely to find on the way to some of the national parks in Uganda, it is one that goes through all terrains without fail.

These prados carry up to five people including the driver with all the comfort they would need. Surprisingly, renting a Toyota Prado in Uganda can be as low as 60 USD per day without fuel and a driver. Even bigger discounts are given for rentals that are to be taken for a long period and also during the low season.

Toyota Rav 4

This one of the best Japanese automobile compact SUVs. It is a strong comfortable car with 1990cc engine, simply powerful enough to drive to any place. Toyota Rav4 has 3 to 5 doors and is available in both manual and automatic transmission.

If it’s a long tour in Uganda, a Toyota Rav 4 would be best appropriate for its excellent fuel mileage and low cost maintenance. It is the most recommended vehicle for two people though it can carry up to five people and can be hired at as low as 35 USD per day.

Other vehicles like coasters, range rovers and smaller saloon cars can also be used for long safaris in Uganda but the above three are the most recommended ones.

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