July 25, 2024
Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

Do you really need to do something different this summer? On your holiday in Africa, why not go for a gorilla trekking safari in Uganda or Rwanda? A safari to the gorillas is one of the most memorable adventures one can ever take while in Africa. The experience and feel of sitting amidst these great apes that are three times as big as an average man cannot be compared with any other adventure on earth.

If you are planning to travel this summer you should consider booking a gorilla safari in Uganda or Rwanda. wondering about how to get this dream adventure come true? Here is the complete guide to how you can plan a gorilla trek in Africa.

Where to Go

Uganda hosts nearly half of the remaining population of mountain gorillas i the world. These great apes are protected in two Ugandan parks; Bwindi Imenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga National Park. Bwindi hosts the largest population of mountain gorillas and there are about 14 gorilla groups that have been habituated for gorilla watching. Gorilla permits for those groups can be bought from the Uganda Wildlife Authority in Kampala or at the park headquarters. Most travelers book these gorilla permits from local tour operators and each permits costs USD600 per trek during peak season. At times there are promos for gorilla permits and you can reserve one at USD350 during the offpeak season – April, May and November.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is the continuation of the forests of the Virunga Region that protects the remaining home of the mountain gorillas. There is one habituated gorilla group in Mgahinga National Park called the Nyakagezi Gorilla Group.

The Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda is another rewarding place to go gorilla trekking in Africa. This is the Rwandan part protecting the Virunga gorillas and it is the most accessible destination.

Check out some Packaged safaris

Searching for some action packed adventure? The Gorilla Trekking Safaris will provide you with that and so substantially more. Take a unique chance to visit some extremely rich wildlife in an extraordinary trip to throughout Uganda’s safari destinations. Provided that you need a short trip, you can choose the 3 day gorilla trek Safari to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Get a great feel of how the temperature and elements change around the equator.

Likewise, get your camera to take some incredible pictures of the not only wildlife but the environment and the landscape.

There is also a great opportunity to try some of the local top foods. Get a sense of culture with the traditional dances. After that everything said and done, take the time to get a hike to see the moving of the gorillas.

What to Pack

Make sure you pack up some great boots and socks.

Is a Family Safari Possible?

I decided to take my family to Uganda rather than the countries that I usually visit. This came as a good surprise to the family when I proposed that we head off to Uganda on a vacation. Since they didn’t know much about this destination, they went online and researched the country, and they fell in love with everything this country has to offer. Everyone is excited about going there. I have booked the trip 3 months back, and my children can talk about this trip. I’m excited about the trip, yet I have the feeling that my kids are more excited than I am. This is the first time that I’ve seen them show such excitement about a particular vacation destination. Well, I guess I should be happy that I made the right choice.

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