June 12, 2024

The class Airline committed to deliver sure services to the world including online check-in services & self check kiosks for travellers has finally made 20 years of flying between Johannesburg and Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. South Africa Airways flies to 38 destinations worldwide from its hub with headquarters at Airways Park. The airline started operating flights to East Africa in 1995 on 25th October with three flights per week a routine which changed over years to flying twice daily between the two countries per a week due to the increased Tanzania holiday demand of south African every day.

Tanzania is a country famed as the top destination for wildlife safaris in Africa with the most popular wildlife parks –Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater offering the finest safari holiday adventures for sole, group and family gate ways in Africa especially if timed during the annual wildebeest migration. Other parks and reserves include Selious, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ruaha ,Katavi and Gombe for Chimpanzee tracking hence, planning a holiday trip to Tanzania can be almost as exciting as the journey itself between the two African countries. Also the most relaxing island & beaches of Zanzibar is another Tanzania tourist spot and hundreds visit the place on purpose of getting complete relaxation in the sun after a great safari holiday adventure in the nearby parks of Tanzania and Kenya. The Island are just 20minutes flying from Dar-es salaam the countries capital. Magical scenery, views and happenings are the order of the day making tourists love the place each day.

However, South Africa Airways operates Johannesburg – Dar Es Salaam flights using its new crafts – A320s, or A319s with exceptional quality business class which has also been well accepted by travelers worldwide. All flights are scheduled Monday to Sunday and the first day’s flight leaves Johannesburg-JNB at 10: 30 to Dar-es-saalam –DAR arriving at 14:55, followed by a flight which leaves Dar-es-saalam at 15:40 for Johannesburg arriving at 18:20 while the afternoon flight leaves Johannesburg at 13: 35 getting to Dar-es-saalam at 17:55 followed by the one which leaves Dar-es-saalam at 06:00 to Johannesburg arriving at 08: 35.if you are to travel to one of these countries please make it appoint not to miss out on any of the scheduled flights operated daily.You can also visit South Africa’s amazing tourism destinations-Kruger national park,the Table Mountain National park ,Cape town, Seychelles islands among others.Don’t again get locked to only two African countries you can also check out other Africa magical holiday destinations like Uganda ,Rwanda and congo for Gorillas, Zambia for the great falls, Botswana a great land of culture and wildlife, Kenya the wildlife haven ,Egypt and Ethiopia a place to memories the past. Explore great places and have stories to tell in future.

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