May 24, 2024

Kenya and Algeria are committed to weeding out terrorism and ensuring peaceful coexistence in the entire continent of Africa, Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs and International Trade Amina Mohamed and Algerian Senate Speaker Abdelkader Bensalah have said.

Speaking when they met in Algiers on Monday, the two leaders noted that Kenya and Algeria share similar historical experiences and had more common issues that bring them together. The two countries fought bloody wars before attaining their respective independence.

Kenya Algeria TalkBoth countries have at the same time recently adopted new laws that guide their respective systems of governance.

“We both have recently adopted bi-cameral parliamentary system and have a lot to learn from each other. Your two speakers have been here last year and this year and I believe learnt a lot on administration of two houses,” said Bensalah.

He said Algerian parliament was a strong pillar of his country’s democracy and in addition to legislation played the crucial role of over sighting the executive.

Mohamed said Algeria had played a crucial role in conflict resolution in the Maghreb region and Africa at large, specifically is stabilisation of Libya, Mali and Tunisia.

“What you have done in the region for Libya, Tunisia and Mali is exactly what Kenya is doing for Somalia and South Sudan. I will be consulting you on one or two issues on Somalia,” said Amina.

Algeria continues to host the Malian dialogue and is involved in efforts aimed at bringing the warring parties in Libya to the table. It has also made significant contribution to the situation in Somalia by providing airlift logistics for the troop deployment under Amisom.

Kenya and Algeria have common areas of interest bilaterally, at the African Union and at United Nations level. Algeria lauds Kenya’s commitment to the issues of the African Continent with specific recognition of Kenya’s decision to recognize Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic and accepting the opening of its Embassy in Nairobi.

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